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State Specific Rules

Colorado Statement

A copy of the Renaissance Network Access Plan for our benefit plans is available here: Renaissance Network Access Plan, or will be provided in wirting, upon request.

Connecticut Statement

Renaissance is committed to offering a robust provider network that maximizes the number of dentists available to ensure all covered services will be accessible without unreasonable delay to its subscribers and their eligible dependents. Renaissance uses software to run provider accessibility and availability mapping within a geographic region. This permits a determination of the number of providers by area of practice and geographic segment (city, county, etc.) and a corresponding visual representation of this distribution, which identifies where further targeted provider recruitment may be necessary. In addition, Renaissance entertains input from subscribers, groups, and carriers who request that certain providers be added to the network or requires a targeted recruitment.

Renaissance's networks are required to certify their sufficiency, incluidng time and distance standards and provider-to-enrollee ratios, by comparing the Renaissance covered membership for all areas to the participating provider's location and specialty.

Providers participating in the Renaissance networks are credentialed and re-credentialed according to stringent guidelines, which require a thorough check of malpractice history, verification of licensure, verification of adequate malpractice coverage, verification of education, regular monitoring against government sanction lists and other quality checks upon initial credentialing and re-credentialing.

Virginia MCHIP Statement

In accordance with 12 VAC 5-408-230 (L), Virginia MCHIP covered persons, providers, and employers may request a copy of Renaissance Dental’s annual performance results.

Virginia MCHIP covered persons, providers, and employers may request a copy of Renaissance Dental’s annual performance results by contacting:

Renaissance Life & Health Insurance Company of America
Customer Service Department
PO Box 1596
Indianapolis, IN 46206-1596

Virginia Covered Persons

Renaissance Dental is accepting requests from Virginia covered members to actively serve as a participant on its quality assurance committee. If you are interested becoming a member of Renaissance Dental’s quality assurance committee, please email with your interest and contact information.  Renaissance Dental will then contact you with any additional requirements.

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