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Individual Plans

Good oral health is essential to good overall health. Without a healthy mouth, it’s difficult to smile, chew, and enjoy foods, even talk and laugh. Oral health also plays a vital role in the body, and has been linked to diabetes, heart disease and a host of other chronic conditions affecting Americans.1

Offering a Renaissance Dental Individual insurance plan to your employees not only helps them get the care they need to stay healthy, it also gives them financial protection from unexpected, and often expensive, problems—all at no cost to you.

Renaissance Dental Individual Plans provide your employees quality dental insurance on a voluntary, self-paid basis. Plans include a nationwide PPO network that reduces out-of-pocket costs for employees, plus the option to visit any licensed dentist.

Best of all, the Renaissance Dental Individual Plan does not require a group contract, and administration is easy. Renaissance enrolls all individuals directly, collects premium payments directly from policyholders and handles all inquiries with specialized customer service representatives.

With the Renaissance Dental Individual Plan, it’s easy to offer your employees or members quality dental insurance.

Contact us at (888) 689-3660 to learn more.


Products and services not available in all states and jurisdictions. Contact your Renaissance Dental representative for more details.

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